Insbank Wellness Program

INSBANK decided to implement a wellness program as a fun way to incorporate healthy lifestyles in the workplace, boost morale, and bring employees closer together through fitness and volunteering.  The intent of the wellness program is to inform employees of ways to stay active throughout the work day, gain education on nutrition and overall mental and physical health.  Another vital component of INSBANK’s wellness program is volunteering and giving back to the Nashville community.       

INSBANK had a total of 36 participants sign up, and kickoff week began the first week of May with a week-long Wellness Competition and an In Body Health Screening provided by the YMCA.  The screenings provided body composition measurement results so that employees could monitor positive changes throughout the course of the program.  Other activities within the program will include quarterly wellness activities, volunteer opportunities, nutritional lunch and learn seminars, and monthly newsletters to inform employees of local race and walk events and healthy recipes. 

Wellness Incentives:

$100 gift card to Fleet Feet for purchase of customized tennis shoes

INSBANK branded wellness T-shirt and other active ‘swag’

Healthy snacks provided in break rooms

Gym credit each month (must attend at least 8 times per month)

Opportunity to win prizes throughout the year by participating in bank competitions

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