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Read what a local a corporation had to say about our Corporate Wellness program.

Cowan Benefits: 

1. Why invest in corporate wellness? Wellness just makes sense. You can't put a price tag on good health. When we are healthy, we feel good, we make better decisions, we accomplish more, we have brighter spirits, and we are more inclined to be productive and successful. This transfers into the workplace, just like in our individual lives. We believe it makes sense for employers to support the health of their employees, not only because it can save them money in the long run regarding healthcare spend, but because it's the right thing to do for our employees.

2. Why partner with Fleet Feet Sports Nashville? Wellness is part of our corporate culture. Since we've become intentional in embedding wellness within our workplace, we now give each employee a pair of perfectly-fitted running shoes each year as our employee Christmas gift. Our employees love it! And friends of employees are always amazed when they hear our company gave us each a pair of $100 running shoes! FF has also helped us develop creative healthy reward solutions for our employees that participate in our wellness challenges and events.

3. How have our employees responded? Our employees love our Fleet Feet gift options. The first year we received running shoes at Christmas it was a HUGE success. On shoe delivery day, the excitement pervaded the office. Everyone was in each other's cubicle, trying on their shoes, jogging down the halls, comparing theirs to their neighbors, admiring the colors (some even glad to see that their running shoes coordinated with their favorite football team colors!), and very appreciative of the personalized and USEFUL gift.  

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