Power of Running- Daryl's Story

Daryl Farler's Story 

Daryl Farler is a native of the Nashville area. Growing up he was involved in stick and ball sports but did not run competitively. In 2006 he was scratched by his girlfriend's dog in the corner of his left eye and contracted a virus that caused his body to fall into septic shock. This resulted in the loss of both legs below the knee, portions of all his fingers, and site in one eye. Daryl struggled in the first few years after surgery with depression and ballooned to 280 pounds. Fortunately he was given an opportunity to work at the clinic that made his prosthetics. Shortly after beginning his new career he was asked to be on the board of Amputee Blade Runners (a non-profit that provides free running legs to amputees). Daryl soon came to the realization that if he was going to be apart of a running charity, he better start taking part in the activity of running. After finishing his first 5K he was hooked. Daryl started slow but within the first 2 years of running he dropped 60 pounds, completed numerous 5K's, half marathons, several sprint triathlons, and even a half Ironman. By 2016, Daryl was returning to events as repeat champion for his division but was given an even greater opportunity. He was granted a slot and finished the 120th Boston Marathon.  

Daryl's upcoming plans are another Boston Marathon, completing his first Ironman, with the goal to reach Kona. He lives by the motto No Feet, No Excuses" and challenges people to get off the coach and enjoy the activity of running. After all, he doesn't let missing limbs keep him from staying active. So what's your excuse?

Daryl now lives in Franklin with his wife Chevonne and 2 children Clark and Bristol. He continues his work as Director of Prosthetics for The Surgical Clinic and on the board of Amputee Blade Runners. 

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