Power of Running- Josh's Story

Josh Butler's Story 

I am originally from Mississippi, where I first started running through my school's cross country team. I moved to Nashville in 2010 and married my wife, Katie, in July 2012. We lived in France from 2012-2013, and I was a member of a running club in Lyon. After moving back to Nashville, I continued my work at Preston Taylor Ministries (PTM) as head of the PTM Life program, in which at-risk youth are trained to make healthy choices such as eating nutritious food and running. In 2015, Katie and I had our first son, Dewey. Dewey was born with unbalanced translocation of chromosomes 6 and 10 and went to heaven after living 132 days in the hospital. In 2016, Katie and I fostered-to-adopt our second son, Braxtel, who is diagnosed with chronic respiratory failure (among other conditions) and receives oxygen and ventilator support through a tracheostomy tube 24/7. We are eager to welcome more kiddos into our family over the coming years through fostering and adopting. Throughout the ups and downs of Katie's pregnancy and Dewey's life, and then with the ups and downs of Braxtel's health, I have continued to train and compete in running races. Running gives me an opportunity to focus and pray. Just last weekend, I won my first marathon (Rock & Road)! I look forward to the day when Braxtel is healthy enough to join me in a race.

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