Power of Running- Joy's Story

Joy Black's Story 

I’m a self-employed Certified Public Accountant (In The Black Accounting Services) I’m 50 years old and live in Mt Juliet with my husband of 21 years, Johnny. I moved to Nashville 32 years ago to attend college at Trevecca which is where I obtained my B. S. Degree in Accounting. Prior to opening my own CPA firm, I spent 10 years working as a federal agent for United States Treasury (if you know who Elliott Ness was, that is what I did for the government)

 My relationship to running is a “split personality” –

 Personality A - when I worked for the government and HAD TO RUN for fitness requirement I HATED RUNNING.

 Personality B – in 2010, after 10 years of “couch potatoing” after I left government in 2000, I weighed 200 pounds and was “nudged” back into getting fit by my husband – I started running “for the fun of it” but still stuck with 5k’s thinking “that was the longest distance I was capable of doing”.

Then I lost a bet to a good friend and had to train to run my first half marathon on her 40th Birthday in September 2011 and on the advice of my little brother, I signed up for Fleet Feet’s “Women’s Half Marathon” training that summer and “GOT HOOKED” on distance running. In the fall of 2012, Carol Rolfes asked me to become a mentor for NoBo which I have truly enjoyed doing every season since (except when training for my first full marathon in summer of 2013 and when I’ve been recovering from surgery) I just returned from completing Denver RNR Half Marathon and will be running the Tulsa Route 66 Full Marathon on November 20th – these are the first races I’ve done since I had ankle reconstruction and knee surgery in November 2015.

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