Trail Mixer Guidelines

 - Please carpool if possible. Less cars=more parking. If you arrive on the earlier side, go all the way to the end of the road to park  until that lot is full. 


- Please don't take to the trails alone if you arrive after the group has started! If you decide to run alone, you are on your own and we cannot be responsible for you.

If you do not have experience on the trails, stick to the white trail. 4.5 miles on the red trail is way more difficult than 4.5 miles on the road, and will take you considerably longer to run.


-These trails are loops. You will end up where you started. Please pay attention to the starting points so that you don't start the loop a second time.

 -Always have a trail buddy - don't run alone. We send everyone out in groups. try to stay with yours or drop back to a slower group if need be.

 -Don't leave children unattended, be sure they're old enough/capable of taking to the trails with you!

- If you bring treats to share post-run, be sure to take the leftovers with you! (No need to leave food in the shelter for racoons)


-Follow the trail markings! If you are on the white trail, there will be white marks painted on the trees along the way. The red trail has red marks on the trees. If you come to a spot that confuses you, look for these markings, they are everywhere and impossible to miss if you are paying attention.

  -If you encounter runners/hikers coming in the opposite direction, step off the trail and let them pass you. This also goes for people that want to pass you from behind. We are not in a hurry out there and we want everyone to be as courteous as possible.


 -If you want to pass someone, politely say "on your left" and pass them on the left.


-If you have any questions while on the trails, look for someone with an Ultra Dirtbags logo on the back of their shirt. These are people that have trained on the trails with us, and they will be able to help you out there.


 -Do not litter. 

-Have lots of fun!

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