Country Music Marathon & Half Training

Look what past Country Music participants have said about our training program!

Thanks for masterminding a wonderful experience during the 16 week training program. During a discussion with my wife on Friday evening, she asked "will you be devastated if they decide to cancel the race tomorrow due to weather?". My reply was, "not really because I had so much fun training with the group nothing could dampen that experience". Thanks again for such a fun and challenging program. This was my 3rd CMM 1/2, but the 1st training with a group. I'll never go it alone again. I know it was a lot of work, but the coaches and the members of the 1/2-8:30 pace group made it the highlight of my week. I will do it again.  

A year ago, I was the girl who had never ran a full mile in her life and to think that I just ran 13.1 miles is unbelievable. I completed the race in 2:36 (with a 10 minute bathroom break--the portapotties were definitely a hot commodity) and my goal was just to finish the race.  My body was definitely ready for the race.  I was only a little sore and have been recovering fairly quickly and I know its because of the hard work I have put in over the past few months because I can remember after several of my long runs in the beginning I could barely move.  So thank you.  I could not have done it without you and the rest of the team.   I enjoyed every minute of training with Fleet Feet for the past four months. I met some great people and you all were the encouragement I needed to persevere when I was not sure I could actually complete my goal.  I look forward to improving over the next year and completing the race again next April.  Hopefully you all will have a training group next year.  If so, I will definitely be there.  I know that if I could do a half marathon, anyone can.  Once again, thanks so much for making this endeavor so memorable.  I really appreciate it.

Truly and honestly…thank you for all that you have done. I have found this whole process to be more fulfilling than I could have possibly imagined; and I know that it would not have been possible without you and the Fleet Feet running group. The people are awesome; the pacers are great; and your dedication to the team is amazing. It has been a bit strange for me in that I have grown to care about accomplishing this more than I ever thought I would. The other added benefit, I’ve lost 45 pounds and feel like I am in the best shape I’ve been in since college.
I just thought you should know how much this has meant to me and I sincerely wanted to thank you! 

Thank you SO much for the amazing training program you and the rest of the Fleet Feet team put together. I have no doubt that my success in finishing the half marathon on Saturday was because I joined the Fleet Feet team.  I have never met so many wonderful people or looked forward to getting up at 6:00 am on a Saturday so much. I seriously can't thank you enough...I will not only miss the group runs, but also your inspirational and helpful e-mails. You have a real gift for making people believe in themselves.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say you be putting together another training program like this soon!!!

I'll try and keep on rockin'!

Here are my thoughts on the Percy Warner course now that we are finished: I did a lot better than I thought I would! When I finished, I felt strong and capable for having “conquered” these hills. I KNOW that I would not have been able to attempt these hills without the carefully-planned training that has led us up to this point. This week was a good point in our training to tackle 3-mile hill, and you are definitely right that all other hills on the CMM course will feel small in comparison. Thanks for all your efforts to plan interesting, relevant, and challenging locations each week.

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