Hip pain: Where does it hurt?

When patients come into my office complaining of “hip pain,” my first question usually is: “Where is your pain?”

At that point, people often look at me like I have three heads, so I clarify: “Does it hurt in the front? In the back? On the side?” That seems to clear things up a bit and I can get some more information.

WHERE your hip pain occurs is important. There are many different structures around the hip that can contribute to various types and locations of hip pain. The hip is often thought of as a “region” rather than just a joint, thus the need to identify where exactly the problem presents itself to get to the root of what is causing pain.  The hip is a large, deep ball and socket joint with many supporting and connecting structures, so it can get a little bit muddy when trying to pinpoint the reason for pain and dysfunction.

So where does it hurt?

-          THE SIDE OF THE HIP


-          THE BACK OF THE HIP

The hip problems listed above are just some of the most common hip problems experienced by active people, but by no means is this a comprehensive list of hip pain causes. The good news is, active people (like you!) generally do a good job of paying attention to their body and knowing when something is “off.”  Paying attention to symptoms, including when and where pain occurs, is a vital part of addressing musculoskeletal problems when they arise. Don’t be afraid to be specific the next time someone asks you “Where does it hurt?” The more you can tell your healthcare provider, the quicker you will be on the road to recovery, and back to running those roads or trails again!

- Guest Post written by:

Amy K Jean, MSM, PA-C, AT-ret
Nashville Hip Institute
2004 Hayes Street, Suite 700
Nashville, TN 37203


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