Beth Broering

Up through the early 2000s, Beth was very fit, playing competitive softball 3-4 days a week and ran regularly. After going through a very difficult period of life, she stopped exercising, started eating unhealthy and subsequently started gaining weight. In January of 2009, she it an all-time high on the scale and in clothing size.  In March 2009, Beth seized a fabulous opportunity to work in Botswana, Africa,  where she began to reclaim a balance of work, healthy eating and exercise.
Moving to a town with NO fast food restaurants nor many processed foods, she slowly stopped eating the junk and began choosing fresh fruit and vegetables. Additionally, some of the folks that she was working with in Botswana were dedicated runners or daily exercisers and there was a gym very close to where Beth lived. With no TV and limited actitivies in town, running and exercising with friends became the thing to do. 
Over time, Beth lost about 50lbs, but more importantly, she now has a much better lean body mass index and dropped 5 sizes in clothing. Her diet could be described as mostly lean and clean, to the point of being rigid but for good reason after being on the other side of the scale.
Moving back to Nashville in December 2010, Beth immediately signed up for the Fleet Feet Country Music training program and registered for her first half marathon.  She joined a local gym and began regular cross training as well. Since finishing the 2010 Country Music Half Marathon, she has completed 5 more half marathons.  She is already registered for 5 half marathons over the course of 2012, and hopes to complete her first full marathon this Fall.

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