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Mini Milers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many weeks does Mini Milers go for?

5 weeks. We meet each Sunday at 2pm

Q: Where does Mini Milers meet?

On the Brentwood Academy track. Enter through the upper school driveway and follow it back towards the baseball fields.

Q: Are there bathrooms at the track?

There are, but we encourage everyone to use the restroom before you come so that you don’t miss out on any of the program.

Q: How long should I expect Mini Milers to last?

Each practice will last about an hour.

Q: What is the format of the program? What will my child be doing?

2:00-2:10 – Warm-ups, stretching, and getting into our groups

2:10-2:35 – Running drills and games

 2:35-3:00 – Age Group Races

Each age group will race their designated distance.

Q: How far will each group be running for the race?

 Each group will start out at one distance and will gradually be adding distance each week.

4yo: 1 – 100 meters, 2 – 100 meters, 3 – 150 meters, 4 – 150 meters, 5 – 200 meters

5yo: 1 – 200 meters, 2 – 200 meters, 3 – 300 meters, 4 – 300 meters, 5 – 300 meters

6yo: 1 – 200 meters, 2 – 200 meters, 3 – 300 meters, 4 – 300 meters, 5 – 400 meters

7yo: 1 – 200 meters, 2 – 300 meters, 3 – 400 meters, 4 – 600 meters, 5 – 800 meters

8yo and up: 1 – 400 meters, 2 – 400 meters, 3 – 600 meters, 4 – 800 meters, 5 – 800 meters

Can I take my child when they are done with their race?

You may take your child when they are done, but we encourage all athletes to stay and cheer on the other groups. Not only do we want to instill a love of running, and racing in the children, but we also want to teach them how to be a good sport!

Q: How will the groups be divided up?

Each child will be designated a group by age (4yo, 5yo, 6yo, 7yo, 8yos and up). When they race we will have a boys’ race and a girls’ race for each age group.

Q: What is the Mini Milers weather policy?

If it is raining or storming and we decide it is unsafe for the kids to run on the track we will make the decision by Noon on Sunday and you will be notified by email. 

Q: What do we need to bring and wear for Mini Milers?

You need to bring a water bottle, running shoes, and comfortable clothes that are easy to move in, and you don’t mind getting dirty.

Q: What do I get for my entry fee?

Each registered child will get 5 weeks of fun in running, including a race at the end of each practice. Each child will receive a race bib for each week, an awesome Mini Milers tech tee, and the chance to win other prizes.

Q: How can I volunteer for Mini Milers?

Please email Laurel ( to volunteer for Mini Milers


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Program Start: October 15th
Program Schedule: Sundays at 2pm
Program Fee: $60
Description: Mini Milers is a program dedicated to helping children gain a love of running through fun, dynamic activities and running related games.
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