Speed Sessions FAQ

Speed Sessions FAQ 

What time? 5:30 AM 

Where? Franklin Road Academy Track and Field Facility

4700 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37220

What time do they start? We'll begin an easy warmup at 5:30 and do some progressive strides at 5:45 and then proceed with the day's workouts. 

What do I wear?  Wear your fave workout clothes and consider a lighter weight shoe than what you typically train in.  Your normal kicks are fine, but rotating a few different shoes allows you to have the right tool for what you want to accomplish. On the track we want to run fast and work on our form so a lighter weight shoe can be a great tool for that. Shameless plug for our sponsor, Adidas - you may want to take a look at something like the Boston or the Tempo.

What should I bring?  Two things are mandatory - a watch and water bottle filled with your fave non-alcoholic drink. My preferences would be water, Tailwind or Scratch.  If  you'd like, consider a towel, too!

What's the weather policy?  Safety is my utmost importance, but last I checked a little rain never hurt anyone. I go by most race policies which is that we will run unless there is lightning in the area. Because our weather is so fickle, I don't typically make a call to cancel until I'm standing on site.  If I cancel, there is no makeup session.

 What if I can't make a session?  Life happens or sometimes work takes you out of town. I don't keep attendance. Try to do the workout, but if you can't do it Tuesday or Wednesday and you have a hard effort planned for the weekend (race or long run) then let it go, friend. 

As a general rule of running, don't try to make up a missed workout or mileage.

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Program Start: February 20th, 2018
Program Schedule: Tuesdays, 5:30 AM
Goal Race: Rock n Roll Nashville Marathon & Half Marathon
Program Fee: $75
Description: Don't let the name scare you off. If you can complete a 1-mile run then Speed Sessions are for you. Our twice annual Speed Sessions training program is a great way to stay race ready and mix up your weekly running miles while becoming a more well rounded runner.
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