Yoga for Runners Brentwood

Yoga for Runners Brentwood

This spring, we are bringing back our popular yoga for runners program at our Brentwood location!

Benefits of Yoga:

Do you run? Do you feel tight, stiff and achy? Is the act of bending down and touching your toes only possible in your dreams? Are you injured? Are you stressed or anxious?

 Yoga is your answer.

"Yoga is for every BODY. It is appropriate for anyone, any age, with any condition, at any physical fitness level. Often those who are the least flexible have the most to gain from the physical practice of yoga. Practicing yoga regularly will reduce stress, increase flexibility and muscular strength, and help with balance. It can also improve your breathing efficiency and sharpen your mental focus. By restoring balance and symmetry to your body, you will minimize your risk of injuries and maximize your running performance. So come meet me on the mat as I guide you through 60 minutes of poses that will open up your body and mind and transform your running game. I look forward to meeting you!"- Instructor and Race Team member Lindsay Dial 

When and Where: 11 Sundays from February 4th to April 22nd, at 2:00 and 3:30 PM- Fleet Feet Brentwood (We will not meet on Easter Sunday).

This will be limited to 30 participants per time slot due to space. Sign up now! 

Cost: $110 for 11 weeks 

What the workouts will look like: 
• 60 minute yoga session focusing on areas that can most benefit runners 

What participants must bring to each class:
Yoga mat 
Recommended: Yoga Blocks 

Register Here for 2:00 PM Class!


Register Here for 3:30 PM Class!

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Program Start: February 4th
Program Schedule: 11 Sundays at 2:00 and 3:30, Brentwood (We will not meet on Easter Sunday)
Program Fee: $110
Description: 2:00 PM Class- 3:30 PM Class-

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